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Escape to space or return to Venus: ion flows measured by Venus Express, Moa Persson, IRF Scientific Report 311, November 2020. ISBN 978-91-7855-378-5. In pdf format (6 MB)

The effect of spacecraft charging on low-energy ion measurements around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Sofia Bergman, IRF Scientific Report 310, February 2020. ISBN 9789178551927. In pdf format (6 MB)

Ion escape from Mars: measurements in the present to understand the past, Robin Ramstad, IRF Scientific Report 309, November 2017. ISBN 978-91-982951-3-9. In pdf format (33MB)

Advanced Plasma Analyzer for Measurements in the Magnetosphere of Jupiter, Joan Stude, IRF Scientific Report 308, May 2016. ISBN 978-91-982951-2-2. In pdf format (41.6 MB)

Plasma Interactions with Icy Bodies in the Solar System, Jesper Lindkvist, IRF Scientific Report 307, May 2016. ISBN 978-91-982951-1-5. In pdf format (2.5 MB)

Solar Wind Proton Interactions with Lunar Magnetic Anomalies and Regolith, Charles Lue, IRF Scientific Report 306, November 2015. ISBN 978-91-982951-0-8. In pdf format (2 MB)

Nuclear Spallation and Neutron Capture Induced by Ponderomotive Wave Forcing, Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren, IRF Scientific Report 305, October 2015. In pdf format (2.6 MB)

Detection of Meteor- and Space Object Entries Using Infrasonic Observations, Ludwik Liszka, Johan Kero, Lars Eliasson, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Tero Raita, IRF Scientific Report 304, October 2014. In pdf format (3.6 MB)

The cross-correlation parameters of the infrasonic wave field on the ground, Ludwik Liszka, IRF Scientific Report 303, July 2012. ISBN 978-91-977255-9-0. In pdf format (1.6 MB)

High Altitude Ion Heating Observed by the Cluster Spacecraft, Martin Waara, IRF Scientific Report 302, May 2011. ISBN 978-91-977255-8-3. In pdf format (1 MB)

Solitary Waves and Enhanced Incoherent Scatter Ion Lines, Jonas Ekeberg, IRF Scientific Report 301, April 2011. ISBN 978-91-977255-7-6. In pdf format (1.2 MB)

Low-energy ion outflow from the sub-auroral region, Tony T. Giang, IRF Scientific Report 300, January 2010. ISBN 978-91-977255-6-9. In pdf format (2 MB)

Prediction of Grand Minima, Ludwik Liszka and Rickard Lundin, IRF Scientific Report 299, May 2009. In pdf format (1.6 MB)

Studies of planetary waves in ozone and temperature fields as observed by the Odin satellite in 2002-2007, Alla Belova, IRF Scientific Report 298, September 2008. ISBN 978-91-7264-613-1. In pdf format (1 MB)

Numerical modeling of ENAs from stellar wind interactions, Andreas Ekenbäck, IRF Scientific Report 297, August 2008. ISBN 978-91-977255-5-2. In pdf format (1 MB)

The Sun, Space Weather and Effects, Magnus Wik, IRF Scientific Report 296, October 2008. ISBN 978-91-628-7519-0. In pdf format (17 MB)

Listening to Meteors: Infrasonic Observations of Meteors in Northern Sweden, Ludwik Liszka, IRF Scientific Report 295, April 2008. ISBN 978-91-977255-4-5. In pdf format (4.1 MB)

Radio meteors above the Arctic Circle: radiants, orbits and estimated magnitudes, Csilla Szasz, IRF Scientific Report 294, March 2008. ISBN 978-91-977255-2-1. In pdf format (2.4 MB)

High resolution meteor exploration with tristatic radar methods, Johan Kero, IRF Scientific Report 293, March 2008. ISBN 978-91-977255-3-8. In pdf format (2.4 MB)

Proceedings of the 33rd Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods, 28 August to 1 September 2006, Kiruna, Sweden, Ingrid Sandahl and Johan Arvelius (eds), IRF Scientific Report 292, September 2008. ISBN 978-91-977255-1-4. Proceedings and individual papers.

Infrasound: A Summary of 35 Years of Infrasound Research, Ludwik Liszka, IRF Scientific Report 291, January 2008. ISBN 978-91-977255-0-7. In pdf format (7 MB)

The Neutral Particle Detector on the Mars and Venus Express Missions, Alexander Grigoriev, IRF Scientific Report 290, September 2007. In pdf format (24 MB)

Simulation Report of the ENA Instrument, Yoichi Kazama, IRF Scientific Report 289, June 2006. In pdf format (1.5 MB)

Instrumentation for Energetic Neutral Atom Measurements at Mars, Venus, and the Earth, Klas Brinkfeldt, IRF Scientific Report 288, November 2005. ISBN 91-7305-993-5. In pdf format (25 MB)

Energization and Acceleration of Dayside Polar Outflowing Oxygen, Sachiko Arvelius. IRF Scientific Report 287, October 2005. ISBN 91-7305-963-3. In pdf format (1 MB).

Calibration and quality assessment of DESCARTES-grabsampler for stratospheric tracers, Johan Arvelius. IRF Scientific Report 286, September 2005. ISBN 91-7305-945-5. In pdf format (2.8 MB).

Impact of Rossby waves on ozone distribution and dynamics of the stratosphere and troposphere, Grigory Nikulin. IRF Scientific Report 285, September 2005. ISBN 91-7305-946-3. In pdf format (4.9 MB).

Numerical Studies of Spacecraft-Plasma Interaction: Simulations of Wake Effects on the Cluster Electric Field Instrument EFW, Erik Engwall. IRF Scientific Report 284, February 2004. In pdf format (1.1 MB).

Investigation of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes in Northern Scandinavia, Victoria Barabash. IRF Scientific Report 283, February 2004. ISBN 91-7305-563-8. In pdf format (1.1 MB).

Simulated electromagnetic emissions in the ionosphere: On possible signatures of non-linear wave interaction in digital data, Daniel Söderström. IRF Scientific Report 282, June 2003. In pdf format (1 MB)

Different models of the Mars solar wind interaction: Implications for ENA imaging, Herbert Gunell, M. Holmström, S. Barabash, E. Kallio, P. Janhunen, A. F. Nagy and Y. Ma. IRF Scientific Report 281, August 2003. In pdf format (1 MB).

Proceedings of the Magnetic Reconnection Meeting in Kiruna, Sweden, September 2002, Rickard Lundin and Rick McGregor (eds). IRF Scientific Report 280, September 2003. In pdf format (6.2 MB).

The Auroral Large Imaging System – Design, Operation and Scientific Results, Urban Brändström. IRF Scientific Report 279, April 2003. ISBN 91-7305-405-4. In pdf format (8.9 MB). Other (compressed) formats.

Optical studies of polar stratospheric clouds and related phenomena, Carl-Fredrik Enell. IRF Scientific Report 278, September 2002. ISBN 91-7305-307-4. In pdf format (5.8 MB).

Advanced applications of the EISCAT incoherent scatter radar for multi-beam and electron line studies, Mikael Hedin. IRF Scientific Report 277, June 2002. In pdf format (1.3 MB).

Lower hybrid cavities and other plasma phenomena in the subauroral region, Solveig Høymork. IRF Scientific Report 276, February 2001. ISBN 91-7191-996-1. Introduction only. In pdf format (2.1 MB).

Solar radio bursts and low frequency radio emissions from space, Rico Behlke. IRF Scientific Report 275, 2001. In pdf format (3.4 MB)

X-ray imaging of the interaction between the solar wind and non-magnetized planets, Mats Holmström. IRF Scientific Report 274, March 2001. In pdf format (2.7 MB).

IRF Scientific Reports 206 to 273
IRF Scientific Reports 206 to 273 (listed in a PDF file, 100 kB)

Spacecraft Anomaly Forecasting Using Heterogenous Environment Data, Laila Andersson, Lars Eliasson, Jian-Guo Wu, Henrik Lundstedt, Peter Wintoft. IRF Scientific Report 264, October 1999. In pdf format (1.8 MB).

Spacecraft Anomaly Forecasting Using Non-Local Environment Data, Jian-Guo Wu, Henrik Lundstedt, Lars Eliasson, Laila Andersson, Olle Norberg. IRF Scientific Report 263, October 1999. In pdf format (1.6 MB).

Spacecraft Anomaly Forecasting Using Local Environment Data, Laila Andersson, Lars Eliasson, Olle Norberg. IRF Scientific Report 262, July 1999. In pdf format (1.4 MB).

Satellite observations of the plasma – neutral coupling near Mars and the Earth, Stas Barabash. IRF Scientific Report 228, December 1995. In pdf format (7 MB).

IRF Scientific Reports 1-205
IRF Scientific Reports 1 to 205 (listed in a PDF file, 2 MB)

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