Louis Richard nailed his doctoral thesis – focus on energy conversion and particle acceleration

On December 19, Louis Richard nailed his doctoral thesis “Energy Conversion and Particle Acceleration at Turbulent Plasma Jet Fronts”. The doctoral thesis was completed at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala and Uppsala University. 

The defend take place on January 16 at 09.15 in Heinz-Otto Kreiss, Ångström laboratory, Uppsala.

Opponent: Prof. Angelopoulos Vassilis, Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Prof. Yuri Khotyaintsev
Dr. Daniel B. Graham
Prof. Andris Vaivads
Dr. Emiliya Yordanova

Click here to read the thesis

Louis Richard nailed his thesis on December 19 2023. Here with his main supervisor Prof. Yuri Khotyaintsev. Photo: Michiko Morooka/IRF
Louis Richard. Photo: Annelie Klint Nilsson/IRF

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