IRF technical reports

(ISSN 0284-1738)

  • High resolution (5-min) analysis of Sun-Earth coupling efficiency since 1981, Bart Olsthoorn. IRF Technical Report 055, March 2016. PDF (5.1 MB)
  • Background Analysis for IMA Sensor on ASPERA Instrument, Fernando J. Capalbo. IRF Technical Report 054, February 2010. PDF (3.2 MB)
  • EISCAT_3D: Active Element Subsystem Design Document, Gudmund Wannberg and Ingemar Wolf. IRF Technical Report 053, May 2009. PDF (2.1 MB)
  • EISCAT_3D: Active Element Interim Report, Gudmund Wannberg and Ingemar Wolf. IRF Technical Report 052, March 2009. PDF (855 kB)
  • EISCAT_3D: Options for the active element, Gudmund Wannberg. IRF Technical Report 051, February 2009. PDF (1.5 MB)
  • NPI and NPD field of view obstructions on Mars and Venus Express, Shahab Fatemi. IRF Technical Report 050, May 2009. PDF (2.5 MB)
  • Technical report on low-temperature coatings for instruments on the BepiColombo mission to Mercury, Anna-Lena Larsson, Jan-Erik Wahlund. IRF Technical Report 049, July 2004. PDF (1 MB)
  • Spectroscopic Atlas of Atmospheric Microwindows in the Middle Infra-Red, 2nd edition, edited by Arndt Meier, Geoffrey C. Toon, Curtis P. Rinsland, Aaron Goldman and Frank Hase. IRF Technical Report 048, April 2004. PDF (19 MB)

IRF Technical Reports 036-046 (listed in a PDF file, 350 kB)

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