IRF has its head office in Kiruna and also has activities in Umeå, Uppsala and Lund.

There is a joint institute executive for all of IRF’s offices. IRF is under the control of the Ministry of Education and Research and the government has therefore appointed an advisory council.

The IRF Executive

  • Olle Norberg, Director General, Swedish Institute of Space Physics.
  • Prof. Stas Barabash (Deputy Director General and Head of Solar System Physics and Space Technology Research Programme)
  • Dr Urban Brändström (Head of Observatory activities)
  • Cecilia Flemström (Personnel Officer and Head of Administration)
  • Dr Johan Kero (Head of Solar Terrestrial and Atmospheric Research Programme)
  • Assoc. Prof. Yuri Khotyaintsev (Head of Space Plasma Physics Research Programme)
  • Lars-Henrik Snow (Operative IT manager)
  • Anna-Karin Ukonsaari (Financial Manager)
  • Martin Eriksson (Information Officer)

The IRF advisory council (Insynsrådet)

The Government has appointed the following people as members of IRF’s advisory council. IRF’s Director General is the chairman of the council, which is entrusted with keeping the government informed about the institute’s activities.

  • Olle Norberg (chairman, ex officio)
  • Anders Jörle, until 2025-12-31
  • Ella Carlsson, until 2025-06-30
  • Maria Nilsson (Metria), until 2025-12-31
  • Mark Pearce (Royal Institute of Technology), until 2025-12-31
  • Ann Persson Grivas (LFV), until 2025-12-31
  • Pär Weihed, Luleå University of Technology, until 2025-12-31


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