Swedish Institute of Space Physics launches aurora app for Kiruna

Now the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) is launching an aurora application that enables the public and tourists to receive notifications on their mobile phones when there is aurora over Kiruna and its surrounding area. The notifications are delivered in real-time and indicate that it is time to head out to experience the sky phenomenon.

At IRF’s headquarters, located in the Space campus just outside the new Kiruna center, there is an aurora camera (all-sky camera) that takes pictures of the entire sky in real-time. Until now, the aurora has only been available to the public via the IRF’s website.

The scientists at IRF have a unique and in-demand expertise on the beautiful phenomena and physical processes in the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere, for example how the auroras are connected to the activity of the sun. The institute also has a network of aurora cameras intended for studies of the aurora in several dimensions.

Aurora research and observatory activities have been conducted at IRF since the 1950s, and the institute works to reach as many people as possible with the research that is conducted.

People all over the world and not least the people of Kiruna themselves are fascinated and interested in the beautiful auroras. The media reports on the aurora that has been visible in various parts of our long country. As a research institute with unique knowledge of the auroras, we have a mission to collaborate with society, business, and the tourism industry, and I am convinced that IRF’s aurora app will be of great joy to many people”, says Olle Norberg, Director-General at IRF.

The launch consists of the first version in English of IRF’s aurora application “IRF Aurora Alert”.

The application, which will continue to be developed, is available for iPhone (on App Store) and Android (on Google Play).

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/se/app/irf-aurora-alert/id6466981930

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.irf.irfAuroraAlert

More information
The all-sky camera at IRF in Kiruna: https://www.irf.se/en/observatory-activities/allsky-camera/

Press contact:
Annelie Klint Nilsson, Communications Officer, Swedish Institute of Space Physics
annelie.klint-nilsson@irf.se, 072- 581 33 27

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