Swedish Institute of Space Physics Accessibility Statement

The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) will report on an overall level on the institute’s digital accessibility for our main website https://www.irf.se/. We will also describe our tools to address any shortcomings. The website http://www.spacelab.irf.se was built in 2019/2020 on a similar platform as IRF’s main website and our assessment is that it meets the guidelines at the same level.

The main website was published before 23 September 2018 and the requirement for Accessibility Statement will take effect from 23 September 2020.

The websites http://www2.irf.se/, https://irfu.se/, https://www.spaceweather.se/, https://www.rymdcampus.se and https://www.umea.irf.se/ have not been reviewed and may contain more deficiencies than those listed below. The pages are partly under restructuring and some parts will be removed. The content of the pages will gradually be reworked, some parts will be included in the institute’s main website and will there be designed so that the content meets current requirements.

IRF strives to ensure that all websites and any digital services are robust and can be perceived, managed and understood by as many user groups as possible, regardless of functional variations and technical aids. The goal is to achieve a basic level of accessibility by following WCAG 2.1 level AA.

Deficiencies in digital accessibility

In accordance with current regulations IRF reports the following shortcomings for each digital service or channel. At present IRF’s main website partially meets the legal requirement for digital accessibility in public service and there is an awareness that some parts do not meet all the criteria in WCAG in the following areas:


  • Web standards and code does not validate à IRF works continuously to correct our own digital code that does not validate.


  • Use sufficient contrasts in components and graphics à There are a few illustrations that do not meet the requirements for contrast. The illustrations will be replaced when new data is received or will get a new pedagogical descriptive text which can be read with a screen reader


  • Some images lack descriptive captions or Alt tags à Work in progress – all images will soon have a descriptive, readable text.
  • Broken links – will be removed as soon as they are detected


  • Complicated language à IRF is a research institute and this will mean that some parts of the web page contain a more complicated language. To make it easier for all readers, we have chosen to work with an easy-to-navigate structure where the front page and the underlying levels have easy-to-understand texts. For in-depth study, the user is directed to the more scientific research pages and collections of data.

How does the IRF address the deficiencies?

There is a Digital Accessibility Group that reviews the institutes web pages and other digital channels based on current regulations / standards (WCAG). IRF’s digital channels are also examined with WP Accessibility Helper where you can check your website based on current standards. IRF also has a web editor group which works continuously with accessibility and development on the institute’s web pages.

Contact IRF if you find deficiencies in accessibility

Contact us if you find deficiencies that prevent you from accessing our digital service or if you feel that IRF does not comply with the law. This is an important part of our continued development of the websites and in our accessibility work.

    Contact the Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG)

    If you are unhappy with how IRF meets the requirements for accessibility you can contact DIGG. DIGG is responsible for supervising the law on accessibility to digital public services.




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