Meet IRF’s employees!

IRF has just over 100 employees from all corners of the world with different backgrounds. At IRF, every person is respected and diversity and equality pervade the daily work. Our head office is in Kiruna with operations also in Umeå, Uppsala and Lund. Feel free to meet IRF’s employees via the headings below.

Richard Johansson, PhD student “One of the most amazing opportunities that I see is the unique chance to network with many of the most prominent researchers in your field when visiting and participating in conferences, and other activities worldwide.

Máté Kerényi, research engineer “The work environment is fantastic, mostly because of the colleagues who are competent, professional, helpful, and nice. The office space is good and the atmosphere is very calm at IRF.”












Victoria Cripps, research engineer “We are a relatively small workplace so there are opportunities to influence decisions and make improvements to the way that we work“.

 Vicky_format. Foto: Stephan Buchert/IRF

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