The head office for IRF is located on the Space Campus in Kiruna, about 5 km east of Kiruna by road E10.

Rymdcampus augusti 2020. Foto: Johan Svensson

Central roles

Director General Olle Norberg +46 980 79078
Deputy Director General Stas Barabash +46 980 79122
Financial Manager Anna-Karin Ukonsaari +46 980 79054
Personnel Officer Cecilia Flemström +46 980 79065
Registrar Carina Gunillasson +46 980 79075

Research programme

Solar System Physics and Space Technology
Head of programme: Prof. Stas Barabash
Phone: +46 980 791 22

Solar Terrestrial and Atmospheric Research
Head of programme: Dr Johan Kero
Phone: +46 980 790 84

Space Plasma Physics
Head of programme: Assoc. Prof. Docent Yuri Khotyaintsev,
Phone: +46 18 471 59 29

Observatory activities

Kiruna Geophysical and Atmospheric Observatory (KAGO)
Head of Observatory: Dr. Urban Brändström,
Phone: +46 980 791 26

Inquiries regarding study visits?

Schools and other groups are welcome to contact us by e-mail:

Visitors to the Space Campus and IRF in Kiruna?

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Photo: Johan Svensson