Public outreach activities

IRF provides information on its research in a number of ways. We actively direct our information to schools and the public, and researchers give popular science lectures. IRF publishes popular scientific material about its research online.

Space event 2017. Photo: Rick Mc Gregor

As a state research institute, we also participate in various kinds of exhibitions, send out press releases about our activities and receive study visits from schools and other groups. In addition, our researchers and other employees appear on radio and television and in podcasts, publish material on the internet and write popular science articles. The institute is mentioned annually in a large number of different Swedish and international newspaper or web articles.

Additional promotional efforts:

  • The head office in Kiruna receives 50-65 visits per year (about 800-1000 people/year). IRF’s offices in Uppsala usually receive about ten visits (about 200-250 people/per year).
  • IRF collaborates with other space organisations in Kiruna on various occasions and in various contexts.
  • IRF participates in trade fairs and other space events.
  • Researchers answer the public’s questions about space via telephone, e-mail and through the association Rymdforum Sverige (Space Forum Sweden).
  • About 10-15 press releases are sent out annually by the institute.
  • IRF’s activities receive attention in conjunction with the publication of scientific articles in journals such as Physical Review Letters, Science and Nature.
  • Together with the Swedish Tourist Association, we have developed a Northern Lights exhibition at Aurora Sky Station in Abisko.

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