This is how you invoice the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)

According to a new law all purchases in the public sector in Sweden should be invoiced with an e-invoice. Note that PDF is not an approved format.

There are several ways to create and send an e-invoice.


Invoices are created in your own financial program and sent via your invoice exchange (VAN operator) to IRF’s invoice exchange which is OpusCapita.

IRF uses corporate identity number 202100-3567 in the invoice exchange as the first choice and GLN-code 7340148735673 as the second choice.


IRF’s electronic address for e-invoicing the PEPPOL network is 0007:2021003567

Invoice portal

For those of you who cannot create an e-invoice in your financial program or are not able to use the above listed alternatives for e-invoicing there is another solution. You can manually register your invoice in the invoice portal. It is free of charge.

A cheat sheet for OpusCapita can be found here – OpusCapita

Requirement for invoice reference

You should always indicate a reference on the invoice, which is always 3-4 digits. You obtain that reference from the client at IRF. Always ask for a reference. If an additional reference is given, such as a name, this is specified as the order reference 2.

If you have any questions please contact us on

Postal address:
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Box 812
SE-981 28 Kiruna

Corporate identity number: 202100-3567
VAT No. SE202100356701
GLN: 73401487355673

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