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The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (in Swedish: Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF) is a governmental research institute. The primary task is to carry out basic research, education and associated observatory activities in space physics and atmospheric physics. IRF, with 100 employees, has researchers in Kiruna (the head office), Umeå, Uppsala and Lund.

IRF Scientific Reports (ISSN 0284-1703)

  • Numerical Studies of Spacecraft-Plasma Interaction: Simulations of Wake Effects on the Cluster Electric Field Instrument EFW, Erik Engwall. IRF Scientific Report 284, February 2004. In pdf format (1.1 MB).
  • Investigation of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes in Northern Scandinavia, Victoria Barabash. IRF Scientific Report 283, February 2004. ISBN 91-7305-563-8. In pdf format (1.1 MB).
  • Simulated electromagnetic emissions in the ionosphere: On possible signatures of non-linear wave interaction in digital data, Daniel Söderström. IRF Scientific Report 282, June 2003. In pdf format (1 MB)
  • Different models of the Mars solar wind interaction: Implications for ENA imaging, Herbert Gunell, M. Holmström, S. Barabash, E. Kallio, P. Janhunen, A. F. Nagy and Y. Ma. IRF Scientific Report 281, August 2003. In pdf format (1 MB).
  • Proceedings of the Magnetic Reconnection Meeting in Kiruna, Sweden, September 2002, Rickard Lundin and Rick McGregor (eds). IRF Scientific Report 280, September 2003. In pdf format (6.2 MB).
  • The Auroral Large Imaging System - Design, Operation and Scientific Results, Urban Brändström. IRF Scientific Report 279, April 2003. ISBN 91-7305-405-4. In pdf format (8.9 MB). Other (compressed) formats.
  • Optical studies of polar stratospheric clouds and related phenomena, Carl-Fredrik Enell. IRF Scientific Report 278, September 2002. ISBN 91-7305-307-4. In pdf format (5.8 MB).
  • Advanced applications of the EISCAT incoherent scatter radar for multi-beam and electron line studies, Mikael Hedin. IRF Scientific Report 277, June 2002. In pdf format (1.3 MB).
  • Lower hybrid cavities and other plasma phenomena in the subauroral region, Solveig Høymork. IRF Scientific Report 276, February 2001. ISBN 91-7191-996-1. Introduction only. In pdf format (2.1 MB).
  • Solar radio bursts and low frequency radio emissions from space, Rico Behlke. IRF Scientific Report 275, 2001. In pdf format (3.4 MB)
  • X-ray imaging of the interaction between the solar wind and non-magnetized planets, Mats Holmström. IRF Scientific Report 274, March 2001. In pdf format (2.7 MB).

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