Jesper Fredriksson focuses on instruments in extreme space environments at Space Rendezvous

How do you build scientific instruments that can withstand extreme radiation in space? When IRF’s research engineer Jesper Fredriksson participates during the Space Rendezvous on November 2, he will talk about the work to develop and build instruments that must withstand extreme radiation from the space environment around Jupiter and its icy moons.

Organizers of Space Rendezvous are KTH Space Center and Visit Kista and the theme is “Space Electronics and cosmic radiation, how to survive and thrive in space“.

The Jupiter instrument RPWI

Jesper works at IRF’s Uppsala office and has spent many hours at work focusing on one of the two space instruments that IRF is responsible for on board the European spacecraft Juice. On April 14, Juice was sent off on its eight-year journey to its destination Jupiter and the three icy moons Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

Don’t miss Jesper’s participation on 2 November at 16.20 – 16.40: “Radiation Analysis – Achievements and Obstacles Juice RPWI Instrument”.

Here, Jesper is seen next to a model of a Langmuir probe that the science and engineering team in Uppsala are specialists on.

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