It’s time for mechanical tests

Today, a simpler version of the Jupiter sensor Jovian plasma Dynamics and Composition Analyzer (JDC) has been sent from Kiruna to Stockholm for mechanical tests.

The model is called Structural and Thermal Model (STM) and is both mechanical and thermal representative to be able to fit onto the JUICE (JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) spacecraft. Its power consumption and thermal dissipation are similar with the protoflight model.

The simpler model is built to be able to replace the protoflight model on the spacecraft if needed. It’s important to ensure that the tests on spacecraft level can continue as usual. It means that, if something would have to be corrected on the protoflight model, or if it would have to be removed from the spacecraft, the STM would take it place.

Many of the tests performed on the spacecraft do not concern individual sensors or instruments, but they are required to be mounted during the tests. A STM could for example replace the protoflight model during thermal tests in vacuum.

The picture above shows Rikard Ottemark and Joakim Peterson, both research engineers, together with JDC in the middle.
Photo: Philipp Wittmann, IRF

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