IRF receives 32 million SEK from the Swedish National Space Agency

The Swedish National Space Agency recently decided to grant research funding to a number of scientists and projects at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, IRF. The total research grant is 32 million SEK. 

Stas Barabash receives 10,499,000 SEK (2020-2021) for the project “Continuation of the IRF-Kiruna participation in the JUICE mission”.

Yoshifumi Futaana receives 1,071,000 SEK (2020) for the for the project “Venus Express/ASPERA-4 high level Data processing and PSA archiving”.

Hans Nilsson receives 3,916,000 SEK (2020-2023) for the project “Small is different: Massloading of the solar wind on sub ion gyroradius scales”.

Gabriella Stenberg Wieser receives 2,247,000 SEK (2020-2021) for the project “Using ion velocity distribution functions to study heating, ion acceleration and wave-particle interaction at Venus”.

Mats Holmström receives 1,946,000 SEK (2020-2021) for the project “Atmospheric escape to space at Mars”.

Yuri Khotyaintsev receives 2,158,000 SEK (2020-2021) for the project “Particle energization by shocks at electron scales”.

Yuri Khotyaintsev receives 2,684,000 SEK (2020-2022) -“MMS”.

Hans Nilsson (and his co-applicant Anders Eriksson) receives 480,000 SEK (2020-2021) for the project “Comet Interceptor – Swedish Contribution”.

Shahab Fatemi receives a total of 1,077,000 SEK (2019-2022) for the project “Oceanus: A comparativ approach to investigate the subsurface oceans of the Icy Galilean moons”.
The grant is shared between IRF (2019-2020) and Umeå University (2021-2022).

Jan‐Erik Wahlund receives 1,573,000 SEK (2020-2023) – “BepiColombo – Mefisto”.

Jan-Erik Wahlund receives 273,000 SEK (2020-2023) – “Bepicolombo/Mefisto”.

Jan Erik Wahlund receives 4,072,000 SEK (2020-2021) för projektet “JUICE/RPWI”.

Created by Annelie Klint Nilsson at 2020-01-29
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