IRF researcher measures turbulence in the magnetic environment round the Earth

Lina Zafer Hadid, a postdoctoral researcher at IRF in Uppsala, has published an article in Physical Review Letters estimating how much energy is transferred from large to small scales in the Earth’s magnetosheath, the boundary between the charged particles coming from the sun and the magnetic bubble that protects our planet. The study, based on Lina’s PhD work, uses measurements made from the European Cluster and the American Themis spacecraft orbiting the Earth. Lina is the lead author of the article that for the first time is able to quantify the role that turbulence plays in this energy transfer.

For a link to the article, “Compressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the Earth’s magnetosheath: estimation of the energy cascade rate using in situ spacecraft data”, see

For ESA’s press release, see

Lina Hadid at a recent scientific conference in Uppsala (Photo: Erik Nordblad)

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