IRF contributes to our knowledge of space

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As a state-owned research institute, IRF works in a variety of ways to spread knowledge about space and our research. Interest in space activities from schools, the general public and the media is high. 

Teachers may need material for their students. Teenagers who are interested in space seek information about IRF and the things it studies. Tourists want to see the Northern Lights in real time or are interested in what the Northern Lights really are.

IRF wants to promote and encourage everyone to learn more about space. Each visitor’s needs are different so we hope that you find what you are looking for below.


IRF in space

Projects 1968-2022

Public outreach


Speaking of IRF!

Events and historical moments

Illustrations and graphics

The Eco Column

Space development in Kiruna municipality

Northern Lights (aurora)

About Northern Lights

Aurora -pictures and movies

Real-time image from IRF’s All-Sky camera

Space weather forecasts

Space and satellites

Rosetta-missionen till en komet.

Mars Express och IRF:s instrument ASPERA-3.

Cassini-Huygens-missionen till Saturnus.

Venus Express och IRF:s instrument ASPERA-4.

Venus och ASPERA-4 – en kort presentation, även som pdf-fil (580 k)

Polar stratospheric clouds

Pictures of mother-of-pearl clouds.
Copyright: Sheila Kirkwood and Hans Nilsson, IRF

Space activities in Sweden


SSC (formerly Swedish Space Corporation)

Swedish National Space Agency (formerly Swedish National Space Board)