Kiruna magnetogram

Real time

Follow the geomagnetic development in real time! (NB! Absolute values are shown in the graphs. The data is not yet processed and may contain man-made signals. Real values in processed data (latest processed data 2015-08-31 23:59:59). Solar quiet curves shows the normal or quiet state for the magnetic field when not disturbed by solar storms. The development of quiet curves from 1978 can be seen here: Quiet curves 1978-).

Kiruna magnetogram

Eda magnetometer
Kiruna magnetic pulsations Kiruna total field Lycksele SGU magnetogram
Pulsation measurements Total field measurements Lycksele SGU magnetometer

Digital realtime data

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Updates last two years
Updated by Mats Luspa 1 October 2015. Test of new proton magnetometer (GSM-90 v7.0).
Updated by Mats Luspa 21 January 2015. Realtime magnetokeogram implemented.
Updated by Mats Luspa 25 December 2014. Added experimental 3D magnetogram.
Updated by Mats Luspa 31 January 2014. Changed colour (x:black, y:blue, z:red) scheme.
Updated by Mats Luspa 16 December 2013. Some reorganisation of page.
Updated by Mats Luspa 26 March 2013. Some reorganisation of page.
Updated by Mats Luspa 23 January 2013. Added Solar quiet curves to the graphs.
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