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NameOrganisationDay 1 (11/3) (79)Day 2 (12/3) (80)-----------Poster (18)-----------Dinner 11/3 (66)
Mattias AbrahamssonSSCyesyesyes
Kent AnderssonSSCyesyesyes
Mats AndréInstitutet för rymdfysikyesyesyes
David AndrewsIRFUyesyesCoordinated observations of the Martian ionosphere and induced magnetosphere with Mars Express and Mavenyes
Yifang BanKTH Royal Institute of Technology noyesno
Stas BarabashIRF-Kirunayesyesyes
Susanne BenzeStockholm Universityyesyesyes
(no special diet)
Jan BergmanIRFUyesyesThe Radio & Plasma Waves Investigation (RPWI) for JUICE - Instrument Concept and Capabilitiesyes
Per BjerkeliCentre for Star and Planet Formationyesyesyes
(no chicken)
Per BohlinOHB Swedenyesyesyes
Alexis BrandekerStockholm UniversityyesyesESA's PLATO mission: PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of starsyes
Fredrik BruhnMälardalens högskola/Bruhnspaceyesnono
Lars BylanderKTHyesyesyes
Gisela CarvajalChalmers University of TechnologyyesyesCorrelation between SAR surface winds and deep water velocities in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica yes
Maxime ChauvinKTH - Royal Institute of Technologyyesyesyes
Ole Martin ChristensenChalmers University of Technology, Departement of Earth and Space SciencesyesyesRetrieval of H2O around PMCs from Odin-SMRyes
Ross ChurchLund Observatoryyesyesyes
Kristine DannenbergRymdstyrelsenyesyesyes
Björn DavidssonDept. of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala Universityyesyesyes
Anders EklundStrålningsvetenskaper Umeå universitetnoyesyes
Lars EklundhLunds Universitetnoyesno
Lars EliassonInstitutet för rymdfysikyesyesyes
Ilka EngelhardtIRF Uppsalayesyesyes
(No fish/seafood)
Patrick ErikssonChalmersyesyesno
Hans-Gustav FlorénSUyesyesyes
Urban FriskOmnisys Instrumentsyesyesyes
Christer FuglesangKTH & RSyesyesno
Wolf GeppertStockholm Universityyesyesyes
Sven GrahnEvergreen Engineeringyesyesno
Lars E GustafssonKarolinska Institutetyesyesno
David HobbsLund Observatoryyesyesyes
Karin HolmquistRymdstyrelsenyesyesno
Susanne HöfnerUppsala Universityyesyesyes
Susanne IngvanderStockholm Universityyesnoyes
Fredrik JohanssonIRF Uppsalayesnoyes
Malin JohanssonChalmers University of Technologyyesyesyes
Andreas JohnssonDept. of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg, yesyesFreeze-thaw landforms on Marsyes
Kay JusttanontChalmers University of Technologyyesyesno
Tomas KarlssonKTHyesyesno
Lars KarlssonKarolinska Institutetyesyesyes
Yuri KhotyaintsevIRFyesyesyes
Mózsi KissKTH Particle and Astroparticle Physicsyesyesno
Hendrickx KoenSUyesyesEffects of high energy particles on NO measured with Odin-SMRyes
Merlin KoleKTH - Royal Institute of TechnologyyesyesThe high latitude atmospheric neutron environment as measured by PoGOLinoyes
Andreas KornUppsala Universityyesnoyes
(vegetariskt eller fisk )
Susanne KratzerStockholm UniversitynoyesInherent Optical Properties of the NW Baltic Sea in Comparison to other Seas no
(I am vegetarian. I am sorry I cannot come to the meeting on 11 March 2014. I have a training seminar for PhD supervisors all day. I have prepared a poster about the same topic I was going to give at talk. If it is not possible to shift the EO session (in which my talk is registered) on the 12 March, I could maybe present my poster instead. It is horizontal A0 format. Best wishes! Susanne)
Johan KöhlerRymdstyrelsenyesyesyes
Oscar LarssonKTHyesyesHigh LET flux in the Russian section of the International Space Stationyes
Bengt LarssonOHB Swedennoyesno
Niclas LarssonOHB Sweden ABnoyesno
Thomas LeyserInstitutet för rymdfysikyesyesyes
(Vegetariskt eller fisk (ej skaldjur).)
Per-Arne LindqvistKTHyesyesno
Dag LinnarssonDept Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutetyesyesyes
René LiseauDept. Earth and Space Sciences, Chalmers university of technologyyesyesyes
Christian LockowandtSwedish Space Corporationyesyesyes
Per MagnussonRymdstyrelsen (SNSB)yesyesyes
Johan MarcopoulosRymdstyrelsenyesyesno
Göran MarklundKTHyesyesyes
Rick McGregorInstitutet för rymdfysikyesyesyes
Linda MegnerStockholm Universityyesyesyes
Meghan MellaIRFUyesyesyes
Jana MendrokLuleå University of Technology (LTU)yesyesRemote sensing and in-situ observations of ice clouds and UTHyes
Victor MikhalevKTHyesyesPoGOLite: overview of the 2013 flightyes
Donal MurtaghChalmers tekniska högskolayesyesyes
Olle NorbergRymdstyrelsenyesyesyes
Carol NorbergUmeå Universityyesyesyes
Lennart NordhSU-Astronomi/Emeritusyesnoyes
Göran OlofssonSUyesyesyes
Hermann OpgenoorthIRF-Uppsalayesyesyes
Mark PearceKTHyesyesyes
Asta Pellinen-WannbergUmeå University and Swedish Institute of Space Physicsyesyesyes
Kristell PérotChalmers tekniska högskolayesyesUnusually strong NO descent in the Arctic middle atmosphere in early 2013 as observed by Odin/SMRyes
(Vegetarian (no meat, no fish))
Anna RathsmanSSC (Swedish Space Corporation)yesyesno
Nils RydeLund ObservatorynonoInvestigating stars from the Stratosphere: water spectra of Red giants at 6 microns recorded with EXES on the NASA/DLR mission SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy).no
Jacek StegmanMeteorologiska Institutionen, Stockholms Universitetyesyesyes
Gabriella Stenberg WieserInstitutet för rymdfysikyesyesyes
Jo UrbanChalmers University of TechnologyyesyesStudy of the stratospheric water vapour evolution and variability using data from Odin and other satellitesyes
Andris VaivadsIRFyesyesno
Erik VigrenIRFyesyesyes
Fredrik von ScheeleOmnisys Instruments AByesyesyes
Jan-Erik WahlundIRFyesyesThe Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI) for JUICEyes
Joachim WiegertChalmers university of technology, dept. of Earth and space sciencesyesyesThe SEDs of alpha Centauri and the detectability of dust emissionyes
Eva WirströmChalmersyesyesyes
(Allergic to fish, shellfish, nuts and almonds)
Emiliya YordanovaInstitutet för rymdfysikyesyesyes
Karin ÅgrenIRFyesyesyes