MEAP/P-BACE Balloon Mission

The MEAP (Mars Environment Analogue Platform) mission was to fly a stratospheric balloon on a semicircular trajectory around the North Pole in summer 2008. The balloon platform carried the high resolution neutral gas mass spectrometer P-BACE (Polar Balloon Atmospheric Composition Experiment).

MEAP/P-BACE is a joint project between Esrange Space Center, University of Bern and Swedish Institute of Space Physics.

P-BACEP-BACE boxrolloutrollout
Left: P-BACE (Polar Balloon Atmospheric Composition Experiment); right: MEAP (Mars Environment Analogue Platform)
Images: University of Bern, IRF, SSC

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9. October 2008MEAP/P-BACE day at IRF-Kiruna.
19. September 2008P-BACE returns to Bern.
6. August 2008P-BACE returns to Esrange.
5. July 2008Removal of solid state disks from P-BACE after recovery.
3. July 2008Successful landing of MEAP/P-BACE at 01:10 UTC (03:10 CEST).
28. June 2008Successful launch of MEAP/P-BACE at 05:07 UTC (07:07 CEST).
18. June 2008Second launch attempt, launch cancelled at T-40min due to onset of rain.
17. June 2008First launch attempt, unsuccessful due to bad weather moving in
11. June 2008Information day at Esrange
9. June 2008Launch window opens
29. May 2008 P-BACE incomming tests and integration of P-BACE with MEAP starts
29. May 2008P-BACE arrives at Esrange
16. May 2008P-BACE is shipped from Bern with destination Esrange

Latest update: 2008-10-14