Space Plasma Physics


  1. 2016-12-14 IRF:s Jan-Erik Wahlund intervjuas om Saturnus och rymdsonden Cassini
  2. 2016-11-21 Prof. Mats André invald i Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien
  3. 2016-11-21 IRF får forskningsbidrag från Vetenskapsrådet
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  1. 2016-08-16 IRF Uppsalas bidrag till JUICE-missionen
  2. 2016-06-03 Forskningsstöd från MSB för rymdvädersprojekt
  3. 2016-01-28 IRF scientists show how Saturn Alters the Ionosphere of Titan
  4. 2015-10-14 IRF-forskare i Vetandets värld om Saturnus måne Titan och kometen 67P
  5. 2015-07-13 IRF-forskare intervjuas om dvärgplaneten Pluto
  6. 2015-03-26 IRF:s Jan-Erik Wahlund intervjuas om missionen JUICE till Jupiter
  7. 2014-11-10 Anders Eriksson intervjuad i Rymdkanalen om Rosetta, landaren Philae och komet
  8. 2014-06-09 Study of asymmetrical magnetic reconnection published in Phys. Rev. Letters
  9. 2013-12-03 IRF's Langmuir probes on Swarm are operational
  10. 2013-10-15 IRF scientists discover that the active Sun boosts Titan's outer atmosphere
  11. 2013-10-14 EGU Outstanding Student Poster Award 2013 to PhD student at IRF
  12. 2013-09-17 Jan-Erik Wahlund intervjuas om Voyager 1 i ett TV-inslag
  13. 2013-06-26 Cassini Project Science Group meeting #60 held at IRF in Uppsala
  14. 2013-05-14 Artikel i Forskning & Framsteg om IRF:s bidrag till JUICE-missionen till Jupiter
  15. 2013-05-03 IRF scientists resolve the structure of a core region in the magnetosphere
  16. 2012-06-01 IRF scientists contribute to new findings about Saturn's moon Enceladus
  17. 2012-01-27 Artikel om kallt plasma har rönt stort intresse
  18. 2012-01-20 Hermann Opgenoorth made Honorary Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
  19. 2011-10-24 Utmärkelsen "För nit och redlighet i rikets tjänst" vid IRF i Uppsala
  20. 2011-05-12 Resan genom rymdsverige, del 9, besöker IRF i Uppsala
  21. 2011-03-03 En hälsning till rymden
  22. 2010-03-09 Solar wind pulses help erode the Martian atmosphere
  23. 2009-11-04 IRF får drygt 6,7 miljoner kr från Vetenskapsrådet
  24. 2009-02-05 17th Cluster Workshop to take place in Uppsala 12-15 May 2009
  25. 2008-03-07 IRF scientist co-author of Science article on dust halo round Saturn's moon Rhea
  26. 2006-02-17 Outstanding Student Paper award from AGU
  27. 2005-11-29 Dissipation at the Earth's Quasi-Parallel Bow Shock - PhD defence 16 Dec. 2005
  28. 2005-11-14 Space Plasma Dynamics - PhD defence in Uppsala, 25 November 2005
  29. 2005-08-10 Researchers at IRF in Uppsala discover whirlpools in space
  30. 2004-12-06 IRF participates in NASA and ESA's Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan
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The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) is a governmental research institute which conducts research and postgraduate education in atmospheric physics, space physics and space technology. Measurements are made in the atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere and around other planets with the help of ground-based equipment (including radar), stratospheric balloons and satellites. IRF was established (as Kiruna Geophysical Observatory) in 1957 and its first satellite instrument was launched in 1968. The head office is in Kiruna (geographic coordinates 67.84° N, 20.41° E) and IRF also has offices in Umeå, Uppsala and Lund.