Kiruna riogram

Kiruna/Lycksele realtime riometer data

The graphs are updated every 10th minute.

Kiruna riogram Lycksele riogram

Median filtered with 400 seconds window

Quiet day curves are generated according to this algorithm
Kiruna riogram median filtered

Median filtered with 400 seconds window

Lycksele riogram median filtered


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Station: Kiruna Lycksele


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Access to digital data

Use http://www.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-kir-volt?YYYY/MM/DD
Example: http://www.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-kir-volt?2011/06/28
Todays data: http://www.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-kir-today-volt

Data before 20100917: http://www.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-lyc-volt-lt-20100917?2010/09/14
Data between 20100917-20100929: Data is corrupt.
Data after 20100930: http://www.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-lyc-volt?2011/06/28
Todays data: http://www.irf.se/rio-bin/digital-www-lyc-today-volt

Magnetometer recordings

Updates last two years
Updated by Mats Luspa. 7 October 2015 (Faulty A/D-card replaced (ADC 9111))
Updated by Mats Luspa. 19 June 2014 (Added absorption curves)
Updated by Mats Luspa. 18 June 2014 (Introduced quiet curves in order to prepare for creation of absorption graphs)
Updated by Mats Luspa. 22 May 2014 (Introduced median filtered graphs to get rid of calibration spikes, some noise and prepare for creation of absorption graphs)
Updated by Mats Luspa. 3 February 2014 (Changed colour scheme for Kiruna graphs. Green to blue 30 MHz graph)

Constructed by Assar Westman. 15 January 1996
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