IRF Kiruna

Meteoroids 2001

Conference at the

Swedish Institute of Space Physics,

Kiruna, Sweden
6-10 August 2001



Session 1: "Dynamics and Manifestation of Meteor Streams"

Session 2: "The Leonids Meteor Shower"

Session 3: "Physics and Chemistry of Meteors"

Session 4: "Optical Observations of Meteors"

Session 5: "Impacts of Meteoroids on the Atmosphere"

Session 6: "Classical Radar Observations of Meteors"

Session 7: "Observations of Meteors Using Large Aperture Radars"

Session 8: "Fireballs, Bolides and Meteorites"

Session 9: "Hypervelocity Impact Effects on Spacecraft"

Session 10: "Physical Properties of Interplanetary Dust"

Session 11: "Interstellar Meteors and Dust"

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