IRF Kiruna

Meteoroids 2001

Conference at the

Swedish Institute of Space Physics,

Kiruna, Sweden
6-10 August 2001

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Session 1: "Dynamics and Manifestation of Meteor Streams"

Date: Monday 8.45-12.30

1. 9.00-9.30 B.A. Lindblad, "Visual and Radar Observations of Perseid Meteor Stream 1953-83" (Invited).

2. 9.30-9.50 Hitoshi Hasegawa, "Millimeter Continuum Observations of Parent Comets of Meteor Storms" (Invited).

3. 9.50-10.05 O.B. Khavroshkin, "Meteoroid Stream Impacts on the Moon: Information of Duration of Seismograms".

4. 10.05-10.20 Vladimir Sidorov, "The Discrete Solution of a Quasi-thomography Problem for Construction of the Radiant Distribution of Meteors by Results of Radar Goniometer Measurements".

5. 10.20-10.35 A.V. Karpov, "Thin Space Structure of Meteor Flux Irregularities in Large Meteor Showers in 1986-1999".

10.35-11.00 Coffee break

6. 11.00-11.30 I.P. Williams, "The Determination of the Ejection Velocity of Meteoroids" (Invited).

7. 11.30-11.45 V.V. Emel'yanenko, "Resonance Structure of Meteoroid Streams".

8. 11.45-12.00 Michael Mueller, "Constraining Cometary Ejection Models from Meteor Storm Observations".

9. 12.00-12.15 Ichiro Hasegawa, "Parent Objects of Alpha Capricornid Meteor Stream".

10. 12.15-12.30 G.O. Ryabova, "Asteroid (1620) Geographos as a Possible Parent Body for a Meteor Stream".

12.30-14.00 Lunch break


(Poster Session A, Tuesday 13.00-16.00)

PSA-1 B.A. Lindblad, "The IAU Meteor Data Center".

PSA-2 G.O. Ryabova, "Mathematical Model of the Geminid Meteor Stream Formation".

PSA-3 P. Jenniskens, "The 2000 Ursid Shower Prediction and Observations".

PSA-4 O.I. Belkovich, "Combined Visual and Radar Observations. 45 Years Later".

PSA-5 O.I. Belkovich, "Comparative Analysis of Meteor Shower Observations Processed by Three Different Methods".

PSA-6 O.B. Khavroshkin, "Temporal Structure of Meteoroid Stream and Lunar Seismicity according to Nakamura's Katalog".

PSA-7 J. Svoren, "A Fine Structure of Perseid Meteoroid Stream. Method of Indices".

PSA-8 Katsuhito Ohtsuka, "A New Meteor Shower, eta Eridanids".

PSA-9 L. Neslusan, "Comparison among the Keplerian-orbit-diversity Criteria in Major-meteor-shower Separation".

PSA-10 Pavel Koten, "Extreme Beginning Heights for Non-Leonid Meteors".

PSA-11 Y. Fujiwara, "Observation of the 1998 Giacobinid Meteor Shower in Japan".

PSA-12 V. Porubcan, "The Updated Version of the IAU MDC Database of Photographic Meteor Orbits".

Session 2: "The Leonids Meteor Shower"

Date: Monday 14.00-16.05

1. 14.00-14.30 David Asher, "Orbital Perturbations on Dust Trails: Predicting Meteor Storms" (Invited).

2. 14.30-14.50 Pavel Spurny, "New Type of Radiation of Bright Leonid Meteors above 130 km" (Invited).

3. 14.50-15.05 Guang-jie Wu, "Prediction and Observations of Leonid Meteor Shower in China".

4. 15.05-15.20 Douglas O. ReVelle, "Theoretical Entry Modeling of Large Leonid Bolides".

5. 15.20-15.35 Jurgen Rendtel, "On Periodic Activity Variations during the 1999 Leonid Meteor Storm in Various Data Sets".

6. 15.35-15.50 V. Porubcan, "Five-year Cooperative Radio Observations of the Leonid Meteoroid Stream by the BLM Radar System".

7. 15.50-16.05 Noah Brosch, "Meteor Observations from Israel".


(Poster Session A, Tuesday 13.00-16.00)

PSA-13 P. Jenniskens, "Leonid Storm Research in the Near Future".

PSA-14 J. Watanabe, "The Activity Profile of Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle in 1998 Return: Meteoroid Release Concentration on Perihelion".

PSA-15 Douglas O. ReVelle, "Leonid Entry Modeling: Application to the Bolide of November 17, 1999".

PSA-16 O.B. Khavroshkin, "Radioseismology as a New Method of Investigations of Meteor Streams on the Moon and Planets".

PSA-17 Hiroshi Ogawa, "The Global Monitor of Meteor Streams by Radio Meteor Observation".

PSA-18 Hirotaka Serizawa, "The Result of 1999 Leonids Daytime Observation in Japan".

PSA-19 M.D. Campbell, "Ground-based Observations of the Leonids 1999-2000".

PSA-20 Jiri Borovicka, "Video Spectra of Leonids and Other Meteors".

PSA-21 Y. Fujiwara, "The Leonid Meteors Found in Chinese Historical Records".

PSA-22 Toshio Tsukamoto, "Spectroscopic Analysis of Fine Structures in Leonids".

PSA-23 J.D. Drummond, "Persistent Leonid Meteor Trails: Types I and II".

PSA-24 Shinsuke Abe, "Fine Structures within the Leonid Dust Trail: Resonant Filament".

PSA-25 Werner Singer, "Radar Observations of the 1999 and 2000 Leonid Meteor Storms at Middle Europe and Northern Scandinavia".

PSA-26 R. Selvamurugan, "Observations on Stratospheric-Mesospheric-Thermospheric Temperatures Using Indian MST Radar and Co-located LIDAR during Leonid Meteor Shower (LMS)".

Session 3: "Physics and Chemistry of Meteors"

Date: Tuesday 8.30-11.20

1. 8.30-9.00 Edmond Murad, "Physics and Chemistry of Meteoroids in the Upper Atmosphere" (Invited).

2. 9.00-9.20 O.P. Popova, "Formation of Disturbed Area around Fast Meteor Body" (Invited).

3. 9.20-9.35 P. Jenniskens, "Meteors: A Delivery Mechanism of Organic Matter to the Early Earth".

4. 9.35-9.50 V.L. Kuznetsov, "The Model of the Quasi-continuous Fragmentation and its Application to the Analysis of Meteoric Observations".

5. 9.50-10.05 Pavel Koten, "Light Curves of Faint Meteors".

10.05-10.30 Coffee break

6. 10.30-10.50 M. Campbell, "Fragmentation and Initial Radius" (Invited).

7. 10.50-11.05 Petr Pecina, "On the Variable Meteors Parameters".

8. 11.05-11.20 R.L. Hawkes, "High Resolution Meteor Light Curve Investigations".


(Poster Session A, Tuesday 13.00-16.00)

PSA-27 G.G. Novikov, "About Pulsation Brightness of the Bright Meteors".

11.30-13.00 Lunch break


13.00-16.00 Poster Session A


11.30-16.00 Excursion to Esrange (Group B)

Session 4: "Optical Observations of Meteors"

Date: Tuesday 16.00-17.25

1. 16.00-16.20 Shinsuke Avell Abe, "Spectroscopic Study of Meteor and Persistent Train" (Invited).

2. 16.20-16.40 Ulf von Zahn, "Differential Ablation of Meteoroids as Observed by Ground-based Lidars" (Invited).

3. 16.40-16.55 Sirko Molau, "The AKM Video Meteor Network".

4. 16.55-17.10 R. Stork, "Double Station TV Meteors and Analysis of their Trajectories"

5. 17.10-17.25 Takuji Nakamura, "Meteor Head Echo Observations by the MU Radar and Simultaneous ICCD Camera Observations"


(Poster Session A, Tuesday 13.00-16.00)

PSA-28 Masayoshi Ueda, "Results of Double-station TV Observations during 1998 and 2000".

PSA-29 Takuji Nakamura, "Observation of Leonid Activity in 1998 and 1999 with the MU Radar and an All-sky TV Camera".

PSA-30 Urban Brändström, "ALIS (Auroral Large Imaging System) Used for Optical Observations of the Meteor Impact Process".

PSA-31 Pavlo M. Kozak, "Some Features of Digital Kinematic and Photometrical Processing of Faint TV Meteors".

Session 5: "Impacts of Meteoroids on the Atmosphere"

Date: Wednesday 8.30-10.00

1. 8.30-9.00 John Plane, "The Impact of Extra-terrestrial Dust on the Upper Atmosphere" (Invited).

2. 9.00-9.15 Yang Su, "The Dispersion of the Swarm of Fragments of Large Meteoroids due to Aerodynamic Forces".

3. 9.15-9.30 V.G. Kruchynenko, "Thermal Explosions of Meteoroids in the Earth's Atmosphere".

4. 9.30-9.45 W.G. Elford, "The Effective Diffusion Coefficient of Meteor Trails above 100 km".

5. 9.45-10.00 Meers Oppenheim, "Non-specular Meteor Trails: What Does Linear Plasma Theory Teach us about Field-aligned Irregularities?"

10.00-10.30 Coffee break


(Poster Session A, Tuesday 13.00-16.00)

PSA-32 J. D. Mathews, "Updated Micrometeoroid Mass Flux Results from Arecibo Meteor Observations".

PSA-33 Arkady Karpov, "The Computer Model 'KAMET': A New Generation".

PSA-34 L. Foschini, "On the Atmospheric Dynamics of the Tunguska Cosmic Body". (Dedicated to P. Farinella.)

PSA-35 Arkady Karpov, "The Measurement of Ozone Concentration by Kazan radar observations".

PSA-36 Steven Marsh, "Meteor Trains as a Probe for Measuring the Dynamics of the Upper Atmosphere".

PSA-37 D. Despois, "Microwave Observations of Molecules in the Earth Atmosphere during a Meteor Shower: The Leonids".

Session 6: "Classical Radar Observations of Meteors"

Date: Wednesday 10.30-12.00

1 10.30-11.00 W.J. Baggaley, "Features of the Enhanced AMOR: The Advanced Meteor Orbit Radar" (Invited).

2. 11.00-11.15 J. Jones, "Radar-meteor Velocity Determination".

3. 11.15-11-30 A.R. Webster, "Interferometric Radar Observations at Widely Separated Locations".

4. 11.30-11.45 Petr Pecina, "Relation between the Optical and Radar Characteristics of Meteor".

5. 11.45-12.00 W.G. Elford, "Observations of the Structure of Meteor Trails at Radio Wavelengths Using Fresnel Holography".

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-14.30 Tour of the Space Campus


(Poster Session B, Thursday 13.00-16.00)

PSB-1 Masayoshi Ueda, "Results of Foward-Scatter Radio Observations".

PSB-2 W.G. Elford, "Effects of Meteoroid Fragmentation on Radar Observations of Meteor Trails".

PSB-3 W.G. Elford, "Radar Meteor Observations at 2 MHz".

PSB-4 Petr Pecina, "TV and Radar Observation of Meteors".

PSB-5 Shinsuke Abe, "The Detection of the Motion of Radio Meteor Reflection Point of Geminids by HRO".

PSB-6 Shinsuke Abe, "The Earth Rotation and Revolution Effect of the Daily and Annual Variation of Sporadic Meteor Echo by HRO".

PSB-7 Thomas Ulich, "The New Meteorite Radar of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory".

Session 7: "Observations of Meteors Using Large Aperture Radars"

Date: Wednesday 14.30-17.15

1. 14.30-14.50 A.Pellinen-Wannberg, "The High Power Large Aperture Radar Method for Meteor Observations" (Invited).

2. 14.50-15.20 J. D. Mathews, "The Role of Large-Aperture V/UHF Radar Meteor Observations in Meteor Science" (Invited).

3. 15.20-15.35 Qihou H. Zhou, "Observations of Field Aligned Irregularities in Meteor Trails Using the MU Radar".

4. 15.35-15.50 Stephen Hunt, "Two-frequency Meteor Observations Using ALTAIR".

5. 15.50-16.05 Philip J. Erickson, "Meteor Head Echo Observations Using the Millstone Hill/MIDAS-W UHF Incoherent Scatter Radar System".

16.05-16.30 Coffee break

6. 16.30-16.45 Lars Dyrud, "Meteor Trail Evolution: Comparison between ALTAIR Radar Observations and Plasma Simulations".

7. 16.45-17.00 Diego Janches, "Tristatic Measurements of Meteors Using the 930 MHz EISCAT Radar System".

8. 17.00-17.15 C. J. Heinselman, "Sondrestrom ISR Meteor Measurements".


(Poster Session B, Thursday 13.00-16.00)

PSB-8 P. Brown, "Astronomical and Physical Data for Micrometeoroids Recorded by the ALTAIR Radar".

PSB-9 A.Yu. Ol'khovatov, "A Problem of a Meteor Head Echo".

Session 8: "Fireballs, Bolides and Meteorites"

Date: Thursday 8.30-10.05

1. 8.30-8.50 J. Borovicka, "The Moravka Meteorite Fall: Fireball Trajectory, Orbit and Fragmentation" (Invited).

2. 8.50-9.05 A. E. Rosaev, "On the Relationship between Asteroids, Fireballs and Meteorites".

3. 9.05-9.20 Douglas O. ReVelle, "Infrasonic Monitoring of the Global Influx Rate of Large Bolides".

4. 9.20-9.35 Zdenek Ceplecha, "Bolide Fragmentation Processes: Comparisons of Bolide Data against Theoretical Bolide Models".

5. 9.35-9.50 A.Yu Ol'khovatov, "On Electrophonic Phenomena".

6. 9.50-10.05 Peter Brown, "The Tagish Lake Meteorite Fall: Interpretation of Physical and Orbital Data".

10.05-10.30 Coffee break


(Poster Session B, Thursday 13.00-16.00)

PSB-10 Z. Ceplecha, "Relation of Meteoroid Ablation-Classification to Light Curves".

PSB-11 Z. Ceplecha, "Bolide Fragmentation Theory with Application to PN and EN fireballs".

PSB-12 Douglas O. ReVelle, "Bolide Fragmentation Modeling".

PSB-13 Douglas O. ReVelle, "Bolide Luminosity Modeling: Comparisons between Uniform Bulk Density and Porous Meteoroid Models".

PSB-14 Peter Brown, "Recent Infrasonic Observations of Large Bolides".

PSB-15 Pavel Spurny, "Common Ground-based Optical and Radiometric Detections of Fireballs within the Czech Part of the European Fireball Network".

PSB-16 Pavel Spurny, "The EN310800 Vimperk Fireball: Probable Meteorite Fall of an Athen-type Orbit Meteoroid".

Session 9: "Hypervelocity Impact Effects on Spacecraft"

Date: Thursday 10.30-11.45

1. 10.30-11.00 Gerhard Drolshagen, "Hypervelocity Impact Effects on Spacecraft" (Invited).

2. 11.00-11.15 J.C. Mandeville, "Cosmic Dust and Micro-debris Measurements on Space Station MIR".

3. 11.15-11.30 G. Ferrini, "Capture of Meteoroids by Aerogel Exposed on the MIR".

4. 11.30-11.45 Veronika Ekstrand, "Comparison of Meteoroid and Space Debris Fluxes to Spacecraft in Earth Orbit".

11.45-13.00 Lunch break


13.00-16.00 Poster Session B


11.45-16.00 Excursion to Esrange (Group A)

16.00-17.30 Presentation of EISCAT Scientific Association and excursion to EISCAT Kiruna Site (Gudmund Wannberg)

Session 10: "Physical Properties of Interplanetary Dust"

Date: Friday 8.30-11.50

1. 8.30-9.00 B. Gustafson, "Porous Flake Meteoroids and the Structure of Small Bodies in the Solar System" (Invited).

2. 9.00-9.20 O.I. Belkovich, "Is Problem of Sporadic Meteoroids Space Distribution Solving Correct?" (Invited).

3. 9.20-9.35 David Galligan, "Probing the structure of the interplanetary dust cloud using the AMOR meteoroid orbit radar".

4. 9.35-9.50 J. Jones, "A Physical Model of the Sporadic Meteoroid Complex".

5. 9.50-10.05 S.Nikolova, "Lifetimes of Meteoroids in Interplanetary Space: The Effect of Erosive and Catastrophic Collisions".

10.05-10-30 Coffee break

6. 10.30-10.50 A.Ch. Levasseur-Regourd, "Clues to the Structure of Micrometeoroids, from Dust Light Scattering Properties" (Invited).

7. 10.50-11.05 Sho Sasaki, "Detection of Interplanetary and Interstellar DUST particles by Mars Dust Counter (MDC) on Board NOZOMI".

8. 11.05-11.20 Amara L. Graps, "Io Revealed in the Jovian Dust Streams".

9. 11.20-11.35 V. Dikarev, "Components of a New Interplanetary Meteoroid Model".

10. 11.35-11.50 Håkan Svedhem, "Dust Measurements in the Geostationary Orbit".

11.50-13.30 Lunch break


(Poster Session B, Thursday 13.00-16.00)

PSB-17 Vladimir Sidorov, "Microswarm Structure of a Meteoric Complex Outside of a Plane of an Ecliptic".

PSB-18 Yoshimi Hamabe, "Development of a New Reflectron Type TOF Mass Spectrometer for Dust Analysis in Space".

PSB-19 Yu. I. Voloshchuk, "The Complex of Asteroids, Comets and Meteoroids".

PSB-20 Ingrid Mann, "Cosmic Dust near 1 AU".

Session 11: "Interstellar Meteors and Dust"

Date: Friday 13.30-16.15

1. 13.30-14.00 M. Landgraf, "Contemporary Interstellar Meteoroids in the Solar System: In-situ Measurements and Clues on Composition" (Invited).

2. 14.00-14.30 Hiroshi Kimura, "Properties of Interstellar Dust Derived From In-Situ Measurements and Extinction Observations" (Invited).

3. 14.30-14.45 Ingrid Mann, "Dust and Meteoroids in Extra-solar Planetary Systems".

4. 14.45-15.00 S.V. Kolomiyets, "Interstellar Particle Detection and Selection Criteria of the Meteor Streams".

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

5. 15.30-15-45 Eberhard Gruen, "Dust Astronomy".

6. 15.45-16.00 Jack Baggaley, "Mapping the Interstellar Dust Flow into the Solar System Using AMOR".

7. 16.00-16.15 Diego Janches, "The Size Distribution of Arecibo ISPs and its Implications".


(Poster Session B, Thursday 13.00-16.00)

PSB-21 Diego Janches, "Arecibo Detection of a 'Large' Mass Component in the Ulysses Interstellar Dust Flow".

PSB-22 A.R. Bagautdinova and O.I. Belkovich, "Expected Distribution of Interstellar Meteoroids in the Vicinity of the Earth's Orbit".

PSB-23 Nogami Nagatoshi, "Possibility of Meteor Path Determination by Records in Ancient Chinese Local Gazetteers".

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