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Meteoroids 2001

Conference at the

Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)

Kiruna, Sweden
6-10 August 2001

Second Announcement on



This conference will be the fourth in a series of meteoroid meetings which
have been held every few years since 1993, the last being in Tatranska
Lomnica in 1998. It will accommodate a broad range of meteoroid research:
dynamics, sources and distribution of these bodies, the physics and
chemistry of their interaction process with the atmosphere as well as
space weather aspects in the form of their hypervelocity impact threat to
spacecraft. Due to the high Leonid activity during recent years, much
research has been devoted to these topics with both traditional and new
optical, radar and in-situ methods from ground, airplane and spacecraft.
Much meteor stream modelling work has preceded the recent Tempel-Tuttle
visit; in 1998 the quite moderate Leonids extended over a day, while in
1999 the sharp and much more intensive maximum was correctly predicted.
There has been another opportunity to observe the Leonids (November 2000)
and improve the models so the proposed conference is at a very opportune
time to provide a forum for an overview of progress in the dynamics and
modelling of meteor storms, and valuable results are to be expected for
understanding important commercial interests (e.g. satellite damage).
In radar applications the data collection and signal processing techniques
have developed hugely within a few years. Besides the traditional VHF
meteor radars, large aperture VHF and UHF facilities such as Arecibo and
EISCAT have been used for meteor studies. With these extremely sensitive
instruments, the mysterious head echo process can be studied with very
high spatial and time resolution observing the effects on the background
ionosphere simultaneously. Radars are important tools for studying the
various origins of the meteoroids. Recent work (with the AMOR and Arecibo
instruments) has been able to provide definitive evidence for the
expanding field of Interstellar Particle detection.
In-situ measurements of meteoroids and the observation of interstellar
particles with the Ulysses spacecraft started a new era of space-borne
experiments. Observational data about the local interstellar medium and
the outer solar system including the Kuiper belt objects again raise
interest in the orbital and collisional evolution of meteoroids, including
"icy" meteoroids. In a similar way the observation of debris shells in
circumstellar systems bears a new application of the study of the
"meteoritic complex" from the fragmentation of large parent bodies to the
formation of a dust cloud.
New global problems such as indications of climate change are being
tackled. Meteoric constituents have an effect on the physics and chemistry
of the atmosphere at and below the deposition heights. Especially, it is
important to understand the impact of these on the artificial
constituents. Studies of how the addition of meteoric constituents affect
different atmospheric phenomena such as noctilucent clouds and ozone
chemistry have increased in interest. Studies of meteoroid chemical
composition and the ablation processes can even provide information about
the state of early conditions in the solar system.
Hypervelocity impact effects on spacecraft is a very important application
of meteoroid science. The results from the meteor stream modelling
discussed above especially for meteor shower periods are important. The
flux of meteoroids large enough to penetrate the spacecraft and cause
great damage is very low even during the Leonids. The more numerous
smaller particles are much more dangerous since they can induce surface
charging and trigger spacecraft anomalies similar to the high speed solar
wind. Especially interesting is the relation between the meteor triggered
anomalies and high solar activity. The growing number of satellites and
consequently of space debris will rapidly increase the risks for impact
damage on spacecraft.



The following scientific areas are proposed for this meeting:

* Dynamics, sources and spatial distribution of meteoroids including
sporadic, swarm and interstellar meteoroids
* Physics and chemistry of meteoroid interaction process in the atmosphere
including both head echo and trail effects
* Impacts of meteoric constituents on atmospheric phenomena
* Hypervelocity impact effects on spacecraft
* Leonids - meteor storms and their short-term environmental effects

with observations done with the following methods:

* Optical observations of meteors including cameras, telescopes and lidars
* Radar observations with meteor and large aperture radars
* In-situ measurements of meteoroids



The following is a list of confirmed invited speakers. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

Dr. David Asher, Armagh Observatory, UK and Bisei Spaceguard Center, Japan
Prof. W.J. Baggaley, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Prof. Oleg Belkovich, Kazan State University, Russia
Dr. Gerhard Drolshagen, European Space Agency, Netherlands
Prof. Bo Gustafson, University of Florida, USA
Dr. Hiroshi Kimura, Max-Planck Institute for Aeronomy, Germany
Dr. Markus Landgraf, ESOC, ESA, Darmstadt, Germany
Prof. John Mathews, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Dr. Edmond Murad, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
Dr. Pavel Spurny, Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Republic



We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of this conference:

European Space Agency
European Office of Aerospace Research and Development
Air Force Office of Scientific Reserach
United States Air Force Research Laboratory
Swedish Space Corporation - Esrange
The Municipality of Kiruna
Umeå University, Department of Space Physics
Luleå University of Technology, Department in Kiruna



Prof. W.J. Baggaley, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Prof. Oleg Belkovich, Kazan State University, Russia
Dr. Gerhard Drolshagen, European Space Agency, Netherlands
Prof. Eberhard Grun, Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Germany
Dr. Robert Hawkes, Mount Allison University, Canada
Dr. Peter Jenniskens, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Dr. Ingrid Mann, European Space Agency, Netherlands and
the University of Munster, Germany
Prof. David D. Meisel, State University of New York, USA
Dr. Edmond Murad, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
Dr. Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden
Dr. Vladimir Porubcan, Astronomical Institute SAV, Slovakia
Dr. Junichi Watanabe, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Japan
Prof. Iwan Williams, University of London, UK



Please complete the registration form below. It can also be downloaded
from our web site in pdf-format:
Return it by fax or post as soon as possible but not later than April 27. The registration fee is 2200 SEK (700 SEK for accompanying adults) before the deadline, and 2700 SEK if paid after April 27. This price covers the Abstract book,
Proceedings, refreshments during breaks and all local transport for the
conference attendees as well as the welcome party, the conference dinner
and the excursion to the rocket range Esrange outside Kiruna to all
registered guests.
Please notice the two additional costs that are to be paid directly to the
Swedish Institute of Space Physics by those choosing to participate in
these activities. The tour underground in the LKAB mines on Thursday
evening (140 SEK/50SEK children between 6 and 15 years) and (for those
participating in the Svalbard excursion) the bus tour from Kiruna to
Tromso on August 2 and back on August 5 (800 SEK/400 SEK children).



Please submit the abstracts as plain text in an e-mail to including the following information by April 27, 2001:

1. Title
2. Author / authors (affiliation 1)
3. More authors (affiliation 2) etc
4. Text up to 200 words, no equations, no references, no tables, no

We will do the formatting of the abstracts when we prepare the Abstract book. If there are some unusual characters or Greek letters that can be ambiguous in the plain text form, send also an attachment in Microsoft Word format or by fax to: +46 980 79091.

Please include the following information:

The paper will be presented by: (name)
The preferred presentation form:
1. Oral
2. Poster
3. Oral or poster


We have the following equipment in our lecture hall. Please inform us of what you need for your presentation:

slide projectors
overhead projectors
video projection
computer projection



The proceedings will be arranged by ESA. Instructions for the proceedings format will be sent in the 3rd Announcement.



The conference will take place at the Space Campus about 10 km east of
downtown Kiruna. The campus hosts the head office of the Swedish Institute
of Space Physics, "IRF", the Department of Space Physics of Umeå
University and the "Department in Kiruna" of the Luleå University of

Kiruna is located about 1200 km north of Stockholm in northernmost Sweden.
Kiruna is easily reached by 2-4 daily flights from Stockholm. There are
rail connections from Gothenburg and from Stockholm with further
connections to the European rail network.

For those coming from eastern Europe or Russia, it is possible to travel
through Finland. Helsinki is easily reached with trains from Moscow and
St. Petersburg. There are daily trains from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (about
360 km from Kiruna). There are a few trains arriving in Rovaniemi on
Sunday morning, August 5, and similarly, a few trains leaving from
Rovaniemi on Saturday evening, August 11. We could plan to send one bus to
cover these connections. Those who want to use this route, please contact
us ( before booking the tickets, so that we can plan
for this transport.



We will organize transport from the airport to the hotels, between the
hotels and the conference site and to the excursions. Please inform us in
the registration form (or later) your flight information for arrival to
and departure from Kiruna. Kiruna railway station is in the middle of town
only a few hundred meters from Hotels Ferrum, Kebne and Vinterpalatset,
about 1 km from Malmfältens Folkhogskola and Ripan, 2.5 km from Hotel E10
and 17 km from Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. Järnvägshotellet is at the railway



We have a very good lunch restaurant at the Space Campus. We will have the
dish of the day and a vegetarian alternative. Please note on the
conference registration form if you have some special dietary
requirements, so that our kitchen can take this into account. Lunch
coupons for 70 SEK will be sold at the registration and reception desks
during the conference.
There are several dinner restaurants in downtown Kiruna and two in
Jukkasjärvi, which you can visit those evenings you are free from
conference activities. There is access to a kitchen to do one's own
cooking in the student dormitory rooms at Malmfältens Folkhogskola.



Average temperature in Kiruna in August is about +10 C, but there can be
some very warm days or cold nights. There might also be some rainy days
during the week. Thus windproof and warm clothing is recommended for the
outdoor activities. During the conference period the sun sets about 10
p.m. (22.00) and rises about 3 a.m. (03.00) in the morning.

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Please contact the hotels listed below for bookings. Kiruna is a very
popular tourist destination during the summer. Thus we recommend the
attendees to book their accommodation as early as possible. Malmfältens
Folkhogskola offers a much cheaper accommodation in student dormitory
rooms. For booking a room there contact Eivor Jonsson:


Scandic Hotel Ferrum Kiruna

A first-class hotel situated right in the centre of town
Rooms: 170
Restaurants: 2
Pub/Bar 1
Sauna: 1 ladies/men
Address: Lars Janssongatan 15
SE-981 31 Kiruna, Sweden.
Tel: +46 980 39 86 00
Fax: +46 980 39 86 11,
Single room incl. breakfast: 810 SEK
Double room incl. breakfast: 1010 SEK
Please quote "METEOROIDS" when contacting Hotel Ferrum

Hotel E10

2-storey hotel with pure styled and fresh rooms.
Rooms: 34 divided into single and double rooms - also 4-bed rooms.
Restaurant: 1
Bar: 1
Sauna: 2
Address: Lastvägen 9
SE-981 38 Kiruna, Sweden
Tel: +46 980 840 00
Fax: +46 980 843 43
Single room incl. Breakfast: 550 SEK
Double room incl. breakfast: 590 SEK
Please quote "Meteoroids 2001" when contacting Hotel E10

Hotel Kebne

The hotel is situated only a few minutes walking distance from downtown.
Rooms: 54
Restaurant: 1
Sauna: The recreation department has a solarium and a comfortable corner
to just relax in. The sauna, solarium, and engine pre heater are all free
of charge.
Address: Konduktörsgatan 7
SE-981 34 Kiruna, Sweden
Tel: +46 980 681 80
Fax: +46 980 681 81
Single room incl. Breakfast: 695 SEK
Double room incl. Breakfast: 795 SEK
Please quote "Meteoroids 2001" when contacting Hotel Kebne.

Hotel Vinterpalatset (Winter Palace)

is a small, privately-owned hotel. The hotel is centrally located in a
quiet area only a few minutes walking distance from downtown and the
railway station. The hotel building, built in 1904, is one of the oldest
buildings in Kiruna. The hotel was fully renovated 1989/90 and is today a
modern hotel with a very high standard. There are 16 rooms in the main
buildning and 4 rooms in the annex, together comprising 39 beds.
Rooms: 20
Restaurant: 1
Bar: 1
Sauna: 1, The sauna facility is equipped with solarium, a jacuzzi bath and
a relaxation area.
Address: Järnvägsgatan 18
SE-981 34 Kiruna, Sweden
Tel:+46 980 677 70
Fax: +46 980 130 50
Single room incl. breakfast : 750 SEK (Annex: 550 SEK)
Double room incl. breakfast : 950 SEK (Annex: 750 SEK)
Please quote "Meteoroids 2001" when contacting Hotel Vinterpalatset.


Smoke-free hotel (beside the railway station)
Address: Bangårdsvägen 7
SE-981 34 Kiruna, Sweden
Tel: +46 980 84444
Fax: +46 980 84400
Rooms: 15
Single room incl. breakfast : 480 SEK
Double room incl. breakfast : 550 SEK
Please quote "Meteoroids 2001" when contacting Jarnvagshotellet.

Radhusbyn Ripan

Cottages: 36 cottages with 2 beds
52 cottages with 4 beds
Restaurant: 1
Sauna: 1
Address: Radhusbyn Ripan
Campingvägen 5
SE-981 35 Kiruna, Sweden
Tel: +46 980 630 00
Fax +46 980 630 40
One person (single room) include breakfast in 2 bed-cottages: 570
Two persons (double room) include breakfast in 2 bed-cottages: 670
2 bed-cottages (two bedrooms) include breakfast: 670 SEK /night
4 bed-cottages include breakfast: 850 SEK /night
All cottages have shower, toilet, TV, telephone and a small kitchenette
with kitchen equipment.
Please quote "Meteoroids 2001" when contacting Radhusbyn Ripan.

Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi

There are 30 fully modern hotel bungalows next to the beautiful Torne
River where Icehotel stands in the winter. The bungalows are close to
our reception, Art Center and Jukkasjärvi Wärdshus Restaurant. Fourteen of
these are four-bed bungalows with two separate bedrooms, a bathroom,
kitchenette and sitting room, TV and telephone.
As a special offer to METEOROID Conference guests, we offer 15% discount
on our summer prices!
Prices: (includes breakfast buffet at Jukkasjärvi Wärdshus Restaurant,
linen & towels & cleaning)
1 person per bungalow: SEK 884 per night
2 persons per bungalow: SEK 500 per person per night
3 persons per bungalow: SEK 374 per person per night
4 persons per bungalow: SEK 310 kr per person per night
New feature!
The Aurora houses have a skylight in the ceiling to both bedrooms, where
you may enjoy the stars looking up from your bed! There are two bedrooms:
a double bed in one bedroom and a single bed in the other, also there is a
bathroom and a sitting room with refrigerator and water-boiler, TV and
Price: (includes breakfast buffet at Jukkasjärvi Wärdshus Restaurant,
linen & towels & cleaning)
1 person per aurora house: SEK 884
2 persons per aurora house: SEK 587 per person
3 persons per aurora house: SEK 434 per person
Restaurants: 2
Bar: 1
Sauna: several different saunas can be booked.
Activities: Canoes and rowboats to hire, as well as fishing equipment,
bicycles and more!
Location: in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, about 17 km from the town
of Kiruna, 10 km from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. The village
also has a small grocery store at walking distance from our cabins.
To book, please call tel: +46-980-66800 or send us a fax: +46-980-66890 or
an e-mail:
Address: Icehotel
SE-981 91 Jukkasjärvi,
Please mention that you are participating in the "Meteoroids 2001
Conference" at IRF.

Malmfaltens Folkhogskola

Address: Campingvagen 3
SE-981 35 Kiruna, Sweden
Single room:168 SEK
Double room 336 SEK
Breakfast: A bus transport is organized for people living at the
Malmfältens Folkhogskola to the Swedish Institute of Space Physics to eat
breakfast at the restaurant there for 25 SEK. For booking contact the
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, tel +46 980 79061, fax +46 980 79091
or send e-mail: if you wish to stay at Folkhogskolan.

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Everybody who wants to apply for a travel grant is asked to contact us
( for instructions. For those who have earlier
pointed out the need of support, we will send the instructions.



Registration for the conference April 27, 2001
Submission of abstracts April 27, 2001
Registration for the Svalbard excursion to SPITRA April 27, 2001
Registration to activities in Jukkasjärvi May 31, 2001



2nd Announcement sent in March
3rd Announcement will be sent in June 2001 to those have registered for the conference



The welcome reception starts at the Icehotel Art Center with temperatures
down to -56 C followed by an Auroral Display that warms us up for the real
icebreaking party at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics on Monday 6
August. The Icehotel provides the Arctic clothing needed for the visit.
The rocket range Esrange outside Kiruna run by the Swedish Space
Corporation invites the conference attendees on a lunch and visit around
their facilities. Half of the attendees will make this visit on Tuesday 7
and the second half on Thursday 9 August.
The conference dinner will be held in the Kiruna City Hall on Wednesday 8
August. There will be some entertainment in the form of a special kind of
Sami song ("jojk") during the evening.



Those who have indicated interest for the Svalbard excursion August 2-5, will get information about this tour within a few days.

A visit to the LKAB iron mine - the world's largest underground mine - is organized for Thursday evening August 9 between 7 p.m. (19.00) and 9 p.m. (21.00).
To sign for this visit pay 140 SEK, children up to 15 years SEK 50 (children younger than 6 years cannot participate due to security regulations) together with the registration to Swedish Institute of Space Physics.
We have asked the Icehotel company in Jukkasjärvi to organise some of
their most popular summer arrangements for the conference attendees. A
more detailed description of these events is found on our homepages.

Please sign for the events directly to the Icehotel with their form

( by May 31, 2001.
If you have difficulties getting this form or the description of the
events, contact
Alt. No 1
Tuesday 7 August at 7:00 p.m. (19.00).
The Sami Camp at Kyrkudden - Cultural Dinner Buffet
Price: SEK 995 per person
Price children 7-12 yrs: SEK 616
[More information]
Alt. No 2
Friday 10 August at 6:00 p.m. (18.00).
"In sauna veritas" - Truth reigns in the sauna
Price: SEK 280 sauna including towels and bathrobes, snacks & 1 beer.
Price child 7-12 yrs: SEK 140 including towels and bathrobes, snacks and 1
[More information]
Alt No 3.
Friday 10 August at 8:00 p.m. (20.00).
Dinner at Restaurant Hembygdsgarden
Price: SEK 385 per person
Price children 7-12 yrs: 50 % of a la carte price
[More information]
Alt No 4
Saturday 11 August at 10:00 a.m. (10.00) - 4:00 p.m. (16.00).
River tour with Wilderness lunch
Price: SEK 995 per person
Price children 12 yrs: 50% discount
River tour with Wilderness lunch for children
Price: Children 7-11 yrs SEK 498 per child
[More information]

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Asta Pellinen-Wannberg
Diego Janches
Eivor Jonsson (secretary),
Christina Juren
Rick McGregor (webmaster),
Birgitta Maatta

More information can be found on our web-site:

which will be continuously updated with new information.


REGISTRATION FORM for the conference

Meteoroids 2001, 6-12 August 2001


To be returned before 27 April 2001 to:
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Box 812, SE-981 28 Kiruna, Sweden
Tel: +46 980 79000 / fax +46 980 79091, e-mail:



Accompanying persons:


VAT.reg.No (only for EU members):

Mailing Address:





Date and flight of arrival:

Date and flight of departure:

Information about special diet:


The registration fee for the conference is 2200 SEK when registering
before 27 April 2001, and 2700 SEK after this date. The fee includes
access to all sessions, the Abstract Book and the Proceedings, bus
transport between the airport, hotels and IRF, refreshments during breaks,
a welcome party and the conference dinner. Registration fee for adult
accompanying persons includes access to welcome party, the conference
dinner and necessary transport and costs 700 SEK.


Other costs paid directly to the Swedish Institute of Space Physics:

( ) Transport Kiruna-Tromsø for the Svalbard tour 800 SEK (children up to16 years 400 SEK):

( ) Visit to LKAB mine 140 SEK (children 6-15 years 50 SEK):



Please indicate which method of payment you will use:

( ) Bank transfer to Postgiro Bank, SE-105 06 Stockholm, Sweden, account no: 950605-6, Swift address: PGSI SESS, mentioning your name & affiliation


( ) Mastercard/Access/Eurocard

( ) Visa

Please charge my credit card number:

Expiry date:

Amount: SEK

Card Holder:




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