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SRS Meeting 2013


Tuesday 12 March
08.30 Transfer from Kiruna C to IRF
09.00 Donal Murtagh Welcome from SRS
09.05 Lars Eliasson Welcome from the hosts, IRF
09.15 Olle Norberg Welcome from SNSB
09.30 Atmospheric Physics (Chair: Jacek Stegman)
Jana Mendrok (LTU) ARTS+ - A toolbox for microwave atmospheric radiative transfer in solar system planets
Jonas Hedin (SU) PHOCUS - Particle interactions in the polar summer mesosphere
10.20 Coffee and Posters
10.50 Solar System (Chair: Hans Nilsson)
Stas Barabash (IRF) JUICE
Gabriella Stenberg (IRF) Ten years of MEX
11.40 Astronomy Astrophysics Cosmology (Chair: Kay Justtanont)
Kay Justtanont (Chalmers) James Webb Space Telescope
(Wed) Alexis Brandeker (SU) CHEOPS
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Sun Earth System (Chair: Nickolay Ivchenko)
Victoria Barabash (LTU) A new research subject within space technology at LTU
Urban Brändström (IRF) IRF Observatory and ground-based optical auroral research
14.00 Coffee and Posters
14.20 Microgravity, Life Sciences (Chair: Lars Gustafsson)
Lars Karlsson (KI) Lung health in space
Oscar Larsson (KTH) Radiation environment on the ISS
15.40 Transfer to Esrange
16.30 Study visit at Esrange
19.30 Dinner at Esrange

(Dinner speech Bengt Hultqvist)

Wednesday 13 March
08.15 Transfer from Esrange to IRF
09.00 Remote sensing (Chair: Donal Murtagh)
Leif Eriksson (Chalmers) Radar remote sensing of ocean and sea ice in the polar regions
09.30 SRS business Donal Murtagh, chair
10.00 Coffee and Posters
10.40 SNSB information
Kristine Dannenberg National programme on balloons & rockets, Student programme (REXUS/BEXUS), Optional ESA programmes
Johan Köhler Space Situational Awareness, Innovative low-cost research satellites
Per Magnusson Swedish National Space Research Programme & ESA Science Programme
12.00 Lunch
12.45 Transfer from IRF to airport and Kiruna C

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